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Elaine Croft McKenzie
PhD Candidate
TC Dissertation Year Fellow
Northwestern University

"A Framework for Sustainable and Strategic Decision Making Using Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIO-LCA), Including Applications to the Transit Bus Fleeting Problem"

Flyer (PDF)


Patrice Marcotte
Professor and Acting Director
Computer Science and Operations Research Department
University of Montreal

“A Strategic Model of Assignment on a Transportation Network With Rigid Capacities”

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Presentation (PDF)


Zitao (Arthur) Zhang

PhD Candidate, Transportation System Analysis and Planning Program, McCormick School of Engineering; Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow
Northwestern University

"Capacity Investment & Pricing Decisions in Highway Public-Private Partnerships"

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Presentation (PDF)


Max Donath
Director, Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota

"Driver Assist Technology: Deploying Bus Rapid Transit along a Narrow Lane or Road Shoulder”

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Presentation (32 MB) (PDF)


Carolina Osorio
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

"A Simulation-based Optimization Framework for Urban Traffic Control”

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Xing Wu
PhD Candidate
Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow
Northwestern University

"Modeling Heterogeneous Risk - Taking Behavior in Route Choice: A Stochastic Dominance Approach"

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Juan Carlos Muñoz Abogabir
Visiting Professor at MIT
Associate Professor, Department of Transport Engineering & Logistics
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC)

"What Services Should You Operate in a Bus Corridor? and What can We Achieve in Time Savings, Reliability and Comfort if Properly Controlled?"

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Presentation (PDF)


Jeroen Struben
Assistant Professor, Strategy & Organization
Desautels Faculty of Management
McGill University

"Transition Strategies for Alternative Transportation Fuels and Vehicles"

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Presentation (PDF)


Hamed Babai
PhD Candidate, Transportation Engineering
Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow
Northwestern University

"Sensitivity of Path Travel Time to Path Flow"

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Presentation (PDF)


Eric J. Miller
Director, Cities Centre
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
University of Toronto

"Agent-Based Modeling for Integrated Transportation - Land Use Policy Analysis"

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Presentation (PDF)


Alberto Salvo
Assistant Professor
Management and Strategy
Kellogg School of Management

"Consumer Choice Between Gasoline and Sugarcane Ethanol"

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Richard Sobel
Visiting Scholar
Buffett Center for International
and Comparative Studies

Ramón L. Torres
PhD Candidate, Transportation Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
McCormick School of Engineering
& Applied Science

"The Right to Travel: Intersection with the Right to Privacy and a Personal Liberty

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Sergio Jara-Diaz
Department of Civil Engineering
Universidad de Chile

"Optimal Design and Pricing of Public Transport (still crazy after all these years)"

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Professor Terry Friesz
Harold and Inge Marcus Chaired Professor of Industrial Engineering
Penn State University

"Differential Games on Networks: Dynamic Traffic Assignment and Other Applications"

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Ivan Damnjanovic
Assistant Professor
Construction Engineering and Management Group
Zachry Department of Civil Engineering
Texas A&M University

"Pricing Risks in Delivery and Management of Transportation Assets"

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Presentation (PDF)


Ram M. Pendyala
Professor, Transportation Systems School of Sustainable Engineering
Arizona State University

"A Joint Tour-Based Discrete-Continuous Model of Vehicle Type Choice and Tour Length"

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Presentation (PDF)


Marshall Lindsey
Transportation Center Dissertation Year Fellow
PhD Candidate, Chemical & Biological Engineering

"Location, Vehicle Miles of Travel, and the Environment: A Chicago Case Study"

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Presentation (PDF)


Professor Bin Ran
Professor, University of Wisconsin at Madison

"Application of Cellular Probe Data in Transportation Planning, Operations and Management"

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Kenneth A. Small
University of California, Irvine and Resources for the Future

"Energy Policies for Passenger Motor Vehicles"

Presentation (PDF)


Elise Miller-Hooks
Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Maryland

"Resilience in Freight Transportation Networks"

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