About Us

Since 1954, the Northwestern University Transportation Center (NUTC) has been recognized as a leading interdisciplinary education and research institution. It is dedicated to the long-term improvement of domestic and international systems for the movements of materials, people, energy, and information.

NUTC serves industry, government, and the public through its research, through Northwestern's graduate-level degree programs, and through other educational and outreach programs.

NUTC works with an affiliated faculty group of over 50 members, drawn from diverse departments of the University - economics, engineering, marketing, finance, logistics, operations, information systems, management, the social sciences, and law.

NUTC benefits from the expertise and insight of more than seventy transportation executives who form its Business Advisory Council (BAC). These include senior-level executives from shipper and carrier firms, freight forwarders, trade associations, financial organizations, and consulting firms who meet semi-annually on campus. Since the inception of the Center, BAC has been a major force behind the Center's programs.

NUTC is housed in Chambers Hall, located at the heart of Northwestern's Evanston campus and close to the Transportation Library, the nation's largest specialty collection of transportation books, periodicals, and transportation agency publications.

NUTC is supported significantly by the Patterson Endowment, named for the founding chairman of United Air Lines and one of the original organziers of the Transportation Center, William "Pat" Patterson. The Patterson endowment provides for the annual Patterson Lecture and other research support.