Northwestern University is recognized throughout the world as a center of excellent transportation education. The university's varied menu of interdisciplinary transportation programs prepares tomorrow's leaders for careers in such diverse fields as transportation management, logistics and operations, engineering, technology, manufacturing, consulting, and research.

Northwestern's transportation faculty includes some of the finest scholars and leaders in the industry, whose expertise in a variety of disciplines clearly benefits our students. This multidisciplinary environment is enriched by a diverse student body drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds from the United States and abroad. Graduates of Northwestern's transportation programs are highly sought after by employers.

Northwestern provides an ideal setting for student life. The main campus is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Evanston, Illinois, a gracious, quiet, tree-lined city of 74,000. Evanston rests on the northern border of Chicago, internationally recognized as a major hub of transportation activity. Reliable public transit is within walking distance of campus.

For information about Transportation Studies at Northwestern, contact Diana Marek at or 847-491-2280.