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EVENTS ON June 25, 2015

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3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

"Restricting Signals Ahead: State of the Rail Indusry in 2015"

Transportation Center Sandhouse Gang (Rail Interest Group) presents...

Ed Ellis, President, Iowa Pacific Holdings

A thought-provoking, discussion-generating conversation with Ed Ellis, President, Iowa Pacific Holdings, on the challenges facing the railroad industry in the days ahead.  Ed will cover some of the key issues facing the industry today, including dangers to the national network, key capex issues including PTC, and potential solutions. 

 Bio:   Railroader, traveler and writer Ed Ellis was born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky.  He worked his way through college as a brakeman and switchman on the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, and graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Transportation degree in 1976.

 He joined the management team of Chicago and North Western at a time when CNW was fighting for its survival in competition with the Rock Island and Milwaukee Road, against a backdrop of deregulation brought on by the4R and Stagger Acts.  As Assistant to the Senior VP Traffic, Mr. Ellis participated in formulating CNW's strategy on deregulation, particularly with respect to development of confidential contract rates, where CNW was the industry leader.  As Manager of Equipment Planning, he oversaw a dramatic increase in fleet size, including acquisition of grain-covered hoppers and a substantial portion of the Rock Island's car fleet, when that carrier was liquidated.

 In 1983 Mr. Ellis led the formation of a shortline group called Chicago West Pullman and was a key part of the company's growth to eight properties in eight years, during which time he was also involved in direct management of the largest railroad in the group.

 In 1992 he joined RailTex, the largest feeder railroad company.  In 1993 he won the Distinguished Marketing Achievement award from Railway Age magazine for developing and implementing a rail-based small shipment program.

 In September 1996, Mr. Ellis joined Amtrak and became Vice President, Mail and Express where it was his responsibility to grow Amtrak's mail and express traffic.  During his five years at Amtrak, revenue grew from $44 million to over $120 million.

 In 2001, Mr. Ellis led the formation of Iowa Pacific, with the goal of developing a portfolio of freight and passenger railroads and rail-related businesses.  Today, Iowa Pacific operates nine railroads in the US and three in the UK, and features a host of ancillary businesses including locomotive and car leasing, track maintenance, passenger and private railcar operations.  Iowa Pacific's 2014 revenues exceeded $80 million.

 Mr. Ellis has served as a columnist for Trains Magazine, and hosts acoustic concerts at a mountaintop venue on IPH's Rio Grande Scenic Railroad in Colorado.  He and his wife Peggy live in the Chicago area and Southern Colorado.  They have three children.

Contact Info: Diana Marek

Location: Chambers Hall 600 Foster St Ruan Conference Center - Lower Level Evanston IL 60208

Event URL: http://www.transportation.northwestern.edu/