(Hagestad) Sandhouse Rail Group

The Hagestad Sandhouse Rail Group began in 2002 as an effort to connect active and veteran rail practitioners with students and academics interested in rail-related issues. Named for Douglas Dean Hagestad, a primary group founder who passed away in 2007, the Sandhouse Group meetings typically feature presentations from field experts, followed by an open forum discussion. Sandhouse meetings take place on weekdays and begin around 3PM, lasting roughly 90 to 120 minutes. 


For a calendar of upcoming NUTC events, including those hosted by the Sandhouse Rail Group, please visit the NUTC Calendar or call 847.491.7287 for more details.


Includes articles, photos, news items & other posts shared by Sandhouse Group members.


Before the construction of modern rail servicing facilities, locomotives would be sanded for traction (steel wheels on steel rails sometimes slip, particularly in wet conditions) in separate areas known as sandhouses. These sandhouses also served an important function in bringing together many of the different roles in rail—hostlers, engineers, brakemen, oilers, maintenance technicians, carmen, etc.—away from management. This allowed a free exchange of facts, stories, and rumors. The Hagestad Sandhouse Rail Group is a continuation of such practices, aiming to stoke lively discussion and spur new ideas for the rail industry.

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To honor Doug Hagestad, whose work with the Sandhouse Rail Group made it what it is today, NUTC established the Douglas Hagestad Education Fund. This fund provides financial support for the continued activities and programs of the Hagestad Sandhouse Rail Group. Click here to read more about the Douglas Hagestad Education Fund.

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