Icarus Society (Aviation Forum)

Icarus, a Greek mythological aviator, failed to heed his father Daedalus' sage advice about climbing too near the sun and died when his fledgling wings melted. Formed in 2006, the NUTC's Icarus Society promotes in-depth dialogue about airlines, aircraft manufacturing, aviation services, technology, government oversight, and significant elements of business aviation.

NUTC's Icarus Society, or Icarus Aviation Forum, is a public forum created for the discussion and dissemination of all issues relating to aviation and sharing knowledge, new ideas with all interested parties.

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Icarus Aviation Society | Steering Committee

Mark Ahasic (KSM '08)
Senior Airport Planner, Aviation Planning Practice, ARUP

Laurence Audenaerd  (CE-PhD ’11)
Senior Engineer Center for Advanced Aviation System Development, The MITRE Corporation
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Evan Baach (MPPA ’13)
First Officer, SkyWest Airlines; Partner & Co-Founder, First Segment LLC

Vicki Bretthauer (KSM '82)
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H. David Greenberg (KSM ’76)
President & CEO, Compass Group, Ltd.
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Diana Marek
Assistant Director, Northwestern University Transportation Center
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