Transportation & Logistics Minor

Interdisciplinary Cross-School Accredited Minor Available to all Northwestern Undergraduates

Passenger and freight transportation represents nearly a fifth of the United States' Gross Domestic Product, and influences every aspect of our lives: where we live, where we work and the goods we can purchase. The study of transportation and logistics is inherently interdisciplinary, reaching across disciplines, schools and departments.

For more than forty years, Northwestern has offered relevant courses through the Departments of Civil and Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Department of Economics and other social science departments in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.

The Minor offers undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain a more rounded education in transportation and logistics compared with that offered within their selected major program of study.  The curriculum will equip students with a broad understanding of the economics, engineering and operations of transportation and logistics systems and the role of public policy.

The Minor is administered by the Northwestern University Transportation Center, an interdisciplinary research center founded in 1954. The Center has been recognized for decades as a leader in graduate education, and has recently extended this expertise to undergraduates.  The Center has jointly appointed faculty from many of the participating Departments.

Students pursuing the Transportation and Logistics Minor will have:

  • Access to numerous transportation and logistics-related courses available in a variety of schools and departments across campus taught by faculty who are recognized experts in their fields.
  • Personalized academic advising by senior faculty
  • Opportunities for involvement in exciting transportation research projects
  • Access to highly specialized career counseling and numerous job opportunities with top companies
  • Membership in the NU Transportation Club - and involvement in all of its activities including field trips, executive luncheons, speaker events and social activities
  • Opportunities to attend research seminars and presentations at the Transportation Center
  • Interaction with fellow undergraduates interested in transportation and logistics, and the Transportation Center’s faculty, graduate students and alumni