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Featured Research Reports

The Northwestern University Transportation Center’s (NUTC) portfolio of research projects and activities is continually evolving to anticipate, identify, characterize, and develop solutions for significant issues faced by the transportation industry, in both private and public sectors. Faculty and student researchers work together with industry and agency partners to gather information and devise methodologies to analyze these problems, formulate strategies, design solutions, and work towards implementation and evaluation.

Grain Industry Dynamics and Rail Service

NUTC researchers investigated grain industry dynamics in relation to rail service in the Upper Midwestern United States and published its findings in three reports.

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Mobility 2050: A Vision for Transportation Infrastructure

Supported by a grant from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM),  NUTC researchers undertook an exploration of the factors, needs, and opportunities facing US transportation infrastructure in the next 35 years. 

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Chicago Red Light Camera Report

NUTC researchers performed an assessment of Chicago’s red light camera (RLC) program in terms of its impact on traffic safety, leading to a set of best practices in RLC enforcement and recommendations to further improve the Chicago program. 

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