NUTC Core Research

NUTC's research addresses a broad range of complex issues affecting the movement of materials, people, energy, & information, as well as the policies & economics that govern such movements. NUTC's research adopts an integrated and interdisciplinary perspective on transportation systems, focusing on the efficient, productive operations and management of transportation and logistics-focused organizations in the public and private sector.


Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Analyses of Advanced Iterated Tour Partitioning Heuristics for Generalized Vehicle Routing Problems
Designing the Distribution Network in a Supply Chain
Flexibility and Complexity in Periodic Distribution Problems
Fully Sequential Selection Procedures with Control Variates
Global Dual Sourcing: Tailored Base-Surge Allocation to Near- and Offshore Production
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Transportation Network Modeling & Planning

Anomalous Diffusion and the Structure of Human Transportation Networks
Crowdsourcing Service-Level Network Event Monitoring
Field Test of a Method for Finding Consistent Route Flows and Multiple-Class Link Flows in Road Traffic Assignments
Hub-and-Spoke Network Alliances and Mergers: Price-Location Competition in the Airline Industry
Network Design for Code Sharing
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Transportation Demand, Economics, & Forecasting

A Nonparametric Test of Exogeneity
Asymptotic Properties of Bridge Estimators in Sparse High-Dimensional Regression Models
Closed Form Discrete Choice Models
Comparisons of Urban Travel Forecasts Prepared with the Sequential Procedure and a Combined Model
Comparative Analysis of Sequential and Simultaneous Choice Structures for Modeling Intra-household Interactions
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Transportation Asset Management

A Simulation-Based Design Paradigm for Complex Cast Components Integrating Damage Tolerance Assessment, Casting Process and Non-destructive Evaluation Simulation
A Time Series Analysis Framework for Transportation Infrastructure Management
An Input-Output Approach for the Efficient Design of Sustainable Goods and Services
Creep of Dispersion-Strengthened Light Alloys
Estimation of Dynamic Performance Models for Transportation Infrastructure Using Panels Data
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Transportation Policy

Are Property Tax Limitations More Binding over Time?
Characterizing Neighborhood Pedestrian Environments with Secondary Data
The Colorado Revenue Limit: the Economic Effects of TABOR
Illinois's Individual Income Tax and General Sales Tax: Options for Reform
Information System for Infrastructure Deployment in Support of Future Vehicles
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Human Performance in Transportation Safety

Anomalous Diffusion and the Structure of Human Transportation Networks
Chasing the Silver Bullet: Measuring Driver Fatigue Using Simple and Complex Tasks
Human Mobility and Spatial Disease Dynamics
Perception of Simulated Driving Performances After Sleep Restriction and Caffeine
The Relationship Between the Rate of Melatonin Excretion and Sleep Consolidation for Locomotive Engineers in Natural Sleep Settings
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Transportation Operations

Crowdsourcing Service-Level Network Event Monitoring
Incorporating Reliability Performance Measures in Operations and Planning Modeling Tools
Incorporating Weather Impacts in Traffic Estimation and Prediction Systems
Modeling Human Behavior and Intelligent Agent-Based Traffic Flow Simulation
Video Traffic Analysis for Abnormal Event Detection
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