Clearview Font in Traffic Signs: Assessing IDOT Experiences and Needs

This study will determine i) the extent to which the Clearview font is presently used in Illinois; ii) the issues involved with converting existing signs to Clearview font; and iii) the positive impacts on motorist guidance and safety from shifting to Clearview font. For example, using the font could impact the dimensions of the signs used, if Clearview requires a higher or longer character height and width to provide the same level of recognition and legibility, and consequently safety. As such, the study will help identify the needs of IDOT in relation to using the Clearview font.

The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the current state of practice for traffic signage on Illinois highways with regard to the use of the Clearview font, and to better understand driver responses to and experience with the Clearview font in different locations and across different trip purposed, in actual everyday traffic.