Effectiveness of Innovative Speed Enforcement Techniques in Illinois

Speed is a contributory factor in 29% of traffic-related fatal crashes occurring on Illinois highways. The Federal Highway Administration has identified Illinois as a Speed Focus State and has encouraged Illinois to develop a speed management program. Efforts have been made to address speed related fatalities and serious injuries on Illinois highways. In an era of a struggling economy, reducing resources, and competing needs, leaders within the public and private sector are turning to intelligence-driven assignments to produce the greatest gain with the least amount of investment. Once analyzed it is believed this information will provide the intelligence needs to develop more effective patrol strategies and procedures with the least amount of people.

This study attempts to identify the most effective speed enforcement patrol and saturation patrol procedures and methods, including effective enforcement duration and appropriate staffing level needs in order to more efficiently deploy valuable resources and maximize results. The results from this study will ultimately assist in the efforts to reduce speed-related traffic fatalities and serious injuries occurring on Illinois highways.

The analyses will results in a better understanding of the presence/absence and duration of speed enforcement on Illinois highways. Best practices for patrol and saturation patrol procedures will be provided from the research. In addition, there should be a better understanding of how the reduction of speed correlates to the reduction of severe crashes. The findings will allow IDOT and ISP to better allocate resources and ultimately reduce speed-related fatalities on Illinois highways.