Intelligent Structural Health Management of Civil Infrastructure

The objective of this research project is to establish a global partnership of universities, laboratories, and companies to engage in cutting-edge research and education in the area of Intelligent Structural Health Management of safety-critical aerospace, civil & mechanical structures. Study partners for this project include: Northwestern University, Northwestern University Infrastructure Technology Institute, University of Illinois –Chicago, Harbin Institute of Technology, China, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, Pusan National University, Korea, National Aerospace Labs, India, GE India Technology Center, Bangalore, Honeywell, Goodrich, and Boeing. Intelligent Structural Health Management systems incorporate diagnostic sensor data to make closed-loop prognosis of remaining structural integrity, thereby facilitating timely remedial actions to prevent catastrophic structural failure.

The goal of the PIRE-ISHM project is to develop globally-engaged scientific/technological leaders with a unique set of cross-disciplinary skills that is marketable across the globe and across disciplines. The program includes several unique features: (1) Cross-disciplinary curriculum; (2) International team projects; (3) Extended training and research visits to China, India and Korea for graduate students and research fellows; (4) Coordinated MS/PhD programs with global partners; (5) Summer internships for undergraduates; (6) Summer schools; (7) Language and culture training; (8) Exposure to issues relating to innovation and invention in a global context; and (9) Industrial internships for graduate students at global research centers of major US-based multinational companies prior to or after graduation. Research topics include: (1) Sensor Technology, (2) Smart Structures; (3) Multifunctional Materials; (4) Materials Science; (5) Nondestructive Characterization; (6) Structural Analysis; (7) Failure and Damage Models for Materials; (8) Probabilistic Prognosis of Remaining Lifetime; and (9) Decision-making