William O. Lipinski Symposium On Transportation Policy 2008

A Plan for Chicago: Transportation Routes for the Next 100 Years

November 14, 2008

U.S. Representative James Oberstar speaks at the ITI sponsored William O. Lipinski Symposium on Transportation Policy in 2007

The 100th anniversary of Daniel H. Burnham’s Plan for Chicago (2009) was a vantage point from which to envision a transportation system for the Chicago region that meets the accessibility, capacity, quality, and sustainability needs of our society and economy for the next 100 years.


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Speaker Presentations

Carl S. SmithThe Burnham Plan: A Visionary Legacy

Michael Toman: The Context: Energy and Environment

Martin WachsCritical Issues for Transportation Policy and Finance

Joseph Schwieterman (From morning panel, "Implications for Chicago"):Remarks

Frank KruesiResponding to Chicago's Transportation Challenges: Planning Big, Making Magic