2016 Seminars

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12/06/16 Anthony B. Hatch
Senior Transportation Consultant
ABH Consulting
North American Freight Rail in the 'Post-Coal' Era: A Year 1 Report Card
Flyer (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)
12/01/16 Kermit W. Wies, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow & Adjunct Professor
Northwestern University
An Overview of Regional Transportation Planning in Chicago
Flyer (PDF)
11/17/16 Yanfeng Ouyang
Endowed Faculty Scholar, Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
Planning Service Facilities Under Continuous Traffic Equilibrium
Flyer (PDF)
10/27/16 Yu (Marco) Nie
Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Northwestern University
Connecting e-Hailing to Mass Transit Platform
Flyer (PDF)
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10/20/16 Richard Arnott
Professor of Economics
University of California, Riverside
Some Parking Economics
Flyer (PDF)
10/13/16 Carole A. Morey
Chief Planning Officer
Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
CTA Red & Purple Modernization (RPM):
A Core Capacity Expansion

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10/06/16 Laurence Audenaerd
Lead Engineer, Center for Advanced Aviation
System Development, The MITRE Corporation
Public-Private Partnership for Transportation Safety: Case Studies in Air & Rail
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09/29/16 Marta C. Gonzalez
Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Big Data to Tackle Urban Mobility Challenges
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