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Titles and Links


Sania Irwin
Head of Systems & Applications, Chief Technology Office

Connected Cars – Lifestyle Delivery

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Jie (Jane) Lin
Associate Professor, Civil & Materials Engineering; Research Associate Professor, Institute for Environmental Science & Policy 
University of Illinois at Chicago

Green Urban Freight Strategies in the New Mobility Era

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Changhyun Kwon
Assistant Professor, industrial & Systems Engineering
University at Buffalo, SUNY

Uncertainty in Hazardous Materials Transportation

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Konstadinos G. Goulias
Professor of Transportation, Geography Department
University of California, Santa Barbara

Place Perception, Attractiveness, Meaning and Relationship to Activity and Travel: Three Case Studies of Different Scales from Santa Barbara, CA

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Patricia Lyon Mokhtarian
Professor, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

The Impact of Activities While Traveling on the Subjective Valuation of Travel Time

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Alireza Talebpour
PhD Candidate, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Northwestern University

Modeling Driver Behavior in a Connected Environment: Integration of Microscopic Traffic Simulation and Telecommunication Systems

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Marie-Ève Rancourt
Assistant Professor of Management & Technology
Université du Québec

Tactical Network Planning for Food Aid Distribution in Kenya

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Joseph L. Schofer
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Associate Dean, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Northwestern University

Potholes or Tolls? Perspectives on Transportation Finance

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Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Valparaiso University

Microscopic Simulation and Safety Analysis of Roundabouts

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Lavanya Marla
Assistant Professor, Industrial & Enterprise Systems
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

An Efficient Data-driven Approach to Static and Dynamic Ambulance Location for Emergency Medical Services

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Meead Saberi
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Monash University

Developing an Integrated Transportation Infrastructure Decision Support Platform: Focusing on Big and Open Data Visualization

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Charlotte Frei
Ph.D. Candidate, Transportation Systems Analysis & Planning, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Northwestern University

Flexible Transit for Low-Density Communities

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Stephane Hess
Professor of Choice Modelling, Institute for Transport Studies
University of Leeds

What Can Choice Modelling Learn from Behavioral Economics and Does it Matter

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Linda Ng Boyle
Chair, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering; Professor of Civil & Environment Engineering and Industrial Systems Engineering
University of Washington

Advances in Data Collection and Analysis to Enhance Road Safety

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Bruce M. Marcheschi
Chief Engineering Officer

Jim Derwinski
Chief Mechanical Officer

Brenda Smith
Chief Human Resources Officer

Building Metra for the Future: A Career Information Session

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Robert E. Gallamore
The Gallamore Group

American Railroads: Decline & Renaissance in the Twentieth Century

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Jacob W. Ward
Program Manager, Vehicle Technologies Office
U.S. Department of Energy

Thomas S. Stephens
Principal Transportation Systems Analyst
Argonne National Laboratory

Making Sense of the Future Market for Electrified Powertrains in the United States with Vehicle Choice Models

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Elliott Sclar
Professor of Urban Planning and Director, Center for Sustainable Urban Development, Earth Institute
Columbia University

Paying for Access but Getting Immobility: Rethinking Finance and Governance Models for 21st Century Urban Transportation

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