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Samer Madanat
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
UC Berkeley

"Some Unintended Impacts of Green Logistics Policies in Urban Areas"

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Bruno De Borger
Professor of Economics
University of Antwerp, Belgium

"A Political Economy Model of Road Pricing: Why Road Pricing is Not Implemented"

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Moshe Ben-Akiva
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

"Plans and Actions in a Model of Choice"

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H. Oliver Gao
Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Cornell University

"Transportation, Environment, and Energy Systems from Transportation Emissions Control to Public Health - Are We Doing the Right Thing, and Doing it Right?"

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Irina Dolinskaya
Assistant Professor, IEMS
Northwestern University

"Optimal Path Finding for Direction, Location and Time Dependent Costs, with Application to Vessel Routing"

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Halit Üster
Visiting Eshbach Scholar, Northwestern University;
Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

“Strategic Design of a Relay Network for Truckload Transportation”

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Teodor Gabriel Crainic, University of Quebec at Montreal and Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT)

"City Logistics"

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Prof. Martin Beckmann
Professor Emeritus of Economics,
Brown University;
Prof. Emeritus of Applied Mathematics, Technical University of Munich

"Equilibrium and Efficiency of Traffic Flows in Networks (Beckmann-McGuire-Winsten Revisited)"

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David Levinson
University of Minnesota

"The Fall and Rise of the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge"

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Jeff Schoenberg
Illinois State Senator
9th Legislative District

"How Optimal Is Optimal? Revealing the Realities of Implementing Transportation Solutions – A Discussion with Illinois State Senator Jeff Schoenberg"

Laurence Audenaerd (interviewer)
PhD Candidate, Department of Civil Engineering, Northwestern University

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Patricia Lyon Mokhtarian
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Chair, Transportation Technology and Policy Graduate Program,
University of California, Davis

"If Telecommunication is Such A Good Substitute For Travel, Why Does Congestion Continue To Get Worse?”

Location: Chambers Hall, 600 Foster St.
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Robert Dial
Professor Emeritus,
University of Texas at Austin

"The Design, Performance, and Implications of Algorithm B: A Fast and Frugal Wardrop Equilibrium Solver"

Location: Chambers Hall, 600 Foster St.
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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John McKean
Executive Director
Center for Information-Based Competition

"Managing Customers Through Economic Cycles"

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Kevin J. Krizek
University of Colorado, Denver
(McCormick Alum '93)

"Wrestling with How to Measure Bicycling's Benefits"

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Richard Harnish
Executive Director
Midwest High Speed Rail Coalition

"Chicago to St. Louis – in an Hour and 52 Minutes"

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Amelia Regan
Professor of Computer Science, Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences
University of California, Irvine

“Freight Data Availability, Gaps and Inaccuracies”

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David Bunch
Professor of Management
University of California: Davis

"Economic Incentives for New Vehicle Purchases to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (“Feebates”): An Analysis of Policy Options for California"

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