2007-2008 Seminar Series

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Date Speaker Title and Links

Roger Chen
Post Doctoral Fellow, The Transportation Center, Northwestern University

"A Queuing Model of Activity Scheduling Behavior"


Robert Lien
PhD Candidate, Department of Industrial Eng. & Management Sci.
Northwestern University; Transportation Center 2008 Dissertation Year Fellow

"Sequential Resource Allocation for Nonprofit Operations"


Jeffrey Newman
PhD Candidate, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University;
Transportation Center 2008 Dissertation Year Fellow

"Normalization and Disaggregation of Network-GEV Models"


Marshall Fisher
Operations & Information Management Dept., Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

"Retail Assortment Optimization"


Michael Gastner
Sante Fe Institute

"The Price of Anarchy in Transportation Networks"


Michael Ball
Orkand Corporation Professor of Management Science
Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland;
Visiting Professor, Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California at Berkeley

"Collaborative Decision Making in Air Traffic Flow Management"


Eric Petersen
Associate, Cambridge Systematics

"Advanced Modeling in London: Issues and Opportunities"


Michael J. Shiffer
Clinical Associate Professor,
University of Illinois, Chicago

"Emerging Technologies and Mass Transit Planning: Moving Bits to MovePeople"


Dr. Kara Kockelman
Assoiate Prof. - Civil, Architectural & Environmental Eng & William J. Murray Jr. Fellow
University of Texas at Austin

"Addressing Spatial Autocorrelation in Transportation & Lank Use Data: Opportunities for Behavioral Forecasting"


Michael G. Dreznes
International Road Federation
Deputy Director General-Washington Program Center

"Forgiving Highways"


Ron Huberman
President, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

Special Presentation and Inagural CTA Presidential Fellowship Unveiling

"Chicago Transit Authority: Agency on the Move"

Presentation (PDF)


Kuilin Zhang
PhD Candidate
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University

"A Probit-based Time-Dependent Stochastic User Equilibrium Traffic Assignment Model"

Presentation (PDF)
Paper (PDF)


Kermit Wies
Deputy Executive Director for Research and Analysis
Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)

"CMAP's Research and Analysis Work Program"

Presentation (PDF)


Paul Waddell
Department of Urban Design & Planning

Center for Urban Simulation & Policy Analysis
University of Washington

"Integrating Land Use and Activity-based Transport Modeling: a Framework and Application to San Francisco"

Flyer (PDF)


Takuya Maruyama
Postdoctoral Fellow for Research Abroad
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Visiting Scholar, University of Texas, Austin

"Comparing Congestion Pricing Schemes: Cordon-based Pricing, Area-based Pricing and Parking Deposit System"

Flyer (PDF)