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Anthony B. Hatch
ABH Consulting

"Transportation Industry Financial Update"

Presentation (PDF)


Richard Harnish
Executive Director
Midwest High Speed Rail Coalition

"Chicago to St. Louis – in an Hour and 52 Minutes"

Flyer (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)


Ray Lang
Senior Director: Government Affairs

"Development of High Speed Rail on AMTRAK's Chicago Hub and Planning for New Services from Chicago"


Gerald Hanas
General Manager, Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD)

"NICTD Accomplishments, Trends in Ridership, Major Capital Projects and Future Plans"

Presentation (PDF)


Robert W. Hart
Senior Vice President & Product
Delivery Sr. Officer-Credit Specialized Industries
Bank of America

"Lending Money to Small Railroads"

Seminar Flyer (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)


Joseph Swanson
President, Jos. Swanson & Co.
Clinical Professor of Finance, Kellogg School of Management

John Hudson
Professor & Director, Geography Program
Associate Director, Environmental Sciences programs, Northwestern University

Special Joint Sandhouse Rail Group Meeting and TC Seminar:
"Competition in the U.S. Freight Railroad Industry: Prices, Costs, Productivity & Capacity Constraints"

Flyer (Incl. Abstract and Bios) (PDF)
Available: Executive Summary of Final Report prepared for the STB (PDF)
Final Report (PDF)


Michael Iden
General Director
Car & Locomotive Engineering
Union Pacific Railroad

"Engines of Change: Locomotives and Fuels of the Future"

Presentation (PDF)


Tom Power
Former CFO and CEO of the Milwaukee Road

"Milwaukee Road Bankruptcy: Lessons Learned and Its Relevance to the Current Business Climate"

Listen to Presentation


David Burns
Railroad Industrial Engineering Consultant

A Special Joint Sandhouse Rail Group Meeting and TC Seminar: "The Future of Chinese Railways"

Seminar Flyer (Incl. Abstract and Bio) (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)