2004 Past Sandhouse Events

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Date Speaker Title and Links
12/17/2004 James Giblin
Vice President
Transportation Consulting Services Corp.

"Trucks vs. Trains: What Really Happened and Why"



W. Robert Moore

Earl Wacker
Superintendent, Chicago Transportation Coordination Office

"Create Mapping Project"

Presentation (2.86M) 

10/7/2004 Christopher Barkan
University of Illinois - Champaign-Urbana
"Optimizing the Design of Hazardous Materials Vehicles"
09/14/2004 Joe Noffsinger
GE Transportation Systems

"Wireless remote operating systems for locomotives and yard management"

07/19/2004 Ian Savage
Associate Department Chair
Department of Economics
Northwestern University

"Why Has Safety Improved at Rail-Highway Grade Crossings?"


06/17/2004 William Harsh
Mercer Management Consulting

"Railroad Service Measurement"


05/17/2004 Mark Walbrun
Vice President Transystems
"Planning the Western Terminal at O'Hare"

Presentation (568K) 
04/19/2004 Edward A. Burkhardt
Rail World, Inc.
"Observations of the Startup of the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic and Overseas Railroading"

Presentation (1.34Mb)
04/13/2004 Randolph A. Resor
Vice President
Zeta-Tech Associates, Inc.
"The Business Benefits of PTC"

02/9/2004 Lee Clair
Senior Partner
Norbridge, Inc.
"Motor Carrier Hours of Service Regulation and Its Impact on Railroads"

01/9/2004 George Avery Grimes, PE
University of Illinois
Railroad Engineering Program
"The Paradox of Rising Investment and Falling Value"

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