2010 William A. Patterson Transportation Lecture


"The Future of River Transportation in the U.S. -- Safest... Sustainable... Subsidized... A Bargain? -- And What it Might Mean for Freight Policy"   

A Conversation with Dr. Craig E. Philip
CEO, Ingram Marine Group

April 14, 2010

Domestic Marine Transport is a significant but underappreciated and often invisible part of the freight network in the United States. While use of waterways around the world is being encouraged by government policy and action, policies in this country are conflicted and inconsistent. Dr. Philip, CEO of the largest U.S. Barge Company, will share his views about the present state of the industry and how future policy might shape its future.

ingramAbout Ingram
Ingram is the largest carrier on America’s inland waterways, transporting bulk products with a fleet of more than 100 towboats and 4,000 of the industry’s 20,000 barges.