John Welsby was named Chairman of the British Railways Board in April of 1995. As chairman and chief executive, Mr. Welsby oversees all functions of British Railways. Under his leadership, the rail industry in Great Britain has been progressing towards privatization. He has also been focusing on the integration of transportation in the European Union.

Mr. Welsby has been on staff at British Railways since 1981. He began his service to the organization as the director of strategic studies and later became adevelopment officer of business policy. After British Railways organized into sectors in 1982, Mr. Welsby became director of the provincial segment. Early in 1984, he was named director of manufacturing and maintenance policy and the following year moved to a new post as managing director of procurement and special projects. He was a member of the British Railways Board from 1987 to 1993. Before becoming chief executive in 1990, Mr. Welsby was responsible for private sector initiatives and the Channel Tunnel project.

Mr. Welsby has also held positions with the British Ministry of Transport, the Electricity Council, and the University of British Columbia. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Exeter University and his Master of Science with a focus on economics from London University. In 1990 he was award his CBE, a royal honor bestowed by the queen on her birthday. Mr. Welsby was recognized for his achievements by the city of London in 1992.