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EVENTS ON March 2, 2017

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4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

"The Right to Travel—Little Recognized Aspects & Impediments"

NUTC Academic Semiinar Series presents:

The Right to Travel—Little Recognized Aspects &; Impediments

Speaker:   Richard Sobel, Visiting Scholar and Faculty Affiliate,
The Transportation Center - Northwestern University

As a fundamental and little recognized right of American citizenship essential to a broad federal union, the right to travel in the United States is basic to the nature of American society and politics. The right first appeared in the Articles of Confederation and continues under the U.S. Constitution, where the U.S. Supreme Court recognizes the right for domestic and international travel. Though the travel right supports privacy and domestic movement without governmental impediment, in the era of surveillance, requirements for official photo identification for travel, watchlist prescreening programs, and airport searches burden the right. Regulations for air, train and bus transportation may not require citizens to relinquish one fundamental right of privacy in order to exercise another fundamental right of travel. Transportation policy needs to preserve travel rights in addressing policy goals as broadly based and including all modes of transportation.

SPEAKER BIO:  Richard Sobel is a political scientist, and author and editor of eight books and numerous scholarly, law and policy articles. He graduated from Princeton University, New Jersey and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has taught at Princeton University, Smith College, Massachusetts, the University of Connecticut, Harvard University, and Northwestern University. At Harvard, he is an Associate in African-American Studies, and has been a Lecturer in Government, Research Associate of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute, Fellow of the Hutchins Center, Shorenstein Center, and Berkman Center, and member of the Program in Psychiatry and Law. At Northwestern, he is a Visiting Scholar and faculty affiliate at the Transportation Center, and has been a Senior Lecturer in Political Science, a Visiting Professor at the Medill School, and a Visiting Scholar at the Buffett Institute. He is also director of Cyber Privacy Project. He has contributed to Supreme Court amicus briefs on voting rights and identification. His most recent publications on The Right to Travel are "The Right to Travel and Privacy: Intersecting Fundamental Freedoms," John Marshall Journal of Information Technology and Privacy Law, Summer 2014, and Citizenship as Foundation of Rights (Cambridge, 2016).


Contact Info: Diana Marek

Location: Chambers Hall 600 Foster St Lower Level Evanston IL 60208

Event URL: http://www.transportation.northwestern.edu/docs/20...