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Thursday, February 27, 2014

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Distributed Coordinated in-Vehicle Online Routing Using Mixed-Strategy Congestion Game

NU Transportation Center Seminar

Speaker:   Lili Du, Assistant Professor, Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering, IIT Armour College of Engineering

Abstract: Among a number of approaches for in-vehicle routing, there are two groups that are rather accessible to both academia and practitioners. One is independent routing, which simply disseminate the information of instantaneous traffic conditions of an interested network to equipped vehicles, and expect each driver to independently make their own route choice. The second is systemic routing, which collects all drivers' origin-destination information for a centralized decision unit to systemically make an overall route decision for all involved vehicles. It is well known that independent routing leads to selfish routing and results in oscillated traffic conditions in the network, while systemic routing is for the best interest of the whole network, but not necessarily individual vehicles. Moreover, the computational load in the second approach is too high to be feasible for a real application. To address the dilemma between the above two group of approaches, this study proposes a novel coordinated online in-vehicle routing mechanism (CRM), assuming smart vehicles equipped with wireless communication and local computation facilities.

Contact Info: Diana Marek

Location: Chambers Hall 600 Foster St Evanston IL 60208

Event URL: http://www.transportation.northwestern.edu/news_ev...