A Conversation with Don Orseno

A Conversation with Don Orseno (with PDF Lecture + Audio Recording + Photos below)

Donald A. Orseno
Executive Director

Don discussed the strategic direction of Metra in 2014 and the challenges that Metra is
facing in terms of its capital needs including the implementation of PTC and obtaining
adequate capital funding. Don discussed his goals and objectives and what has recently
been accomplished at Metra including station beautification, rebuilding of diesel-hauled cars,
integration of new Highliners into the Metra Electric fleet and the process for the
development of Metra's strategic plan that is being undertaken by the Metra staff.


Presentation Slides (PDF)

Audio Recording of the Meeting:
 Photos of the Meeting:

Fig1. - Dan Orseno and Norm Carlson.


Fig2. - The presentation panel at the Metra Board Room.


Fig3. - Metra Board Membern John LaPlante, Don Orseno, and acting Chief Mechanical Officer, Jim Derwinski.


Fig4. -Press Conference following Sandhouse Meeting.


Fig5. - Sandhouse Meeting audience members.