Professor Aaron Gellman Receives the 2014 Francis X. McKelvey Award from the TRB Aviation Group

Professor Aaron Gellman received the 2014 Francis X. McKelvey Award at the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting in Washington, DC during the Aviation Group Executive Board meeting. 

Aaron Gellman
(L to R) Mark Dayton, Laurence Audenaerd, Rosemarie Andonlino, Daniel Behr, Aaron Gellman, Rich Golaszewski, Alfred Altschul, George Hamlin, Bret Johnson, Josh Schank, Gunnar Stefansson

The TRB Aviation Group created this award in honor of Dr. Francis X. McKelvey, memory and his many contributions to the field of transportation and airport planning and design.  Dr. McKelvey was actively involved in the Transportation Research Board (TRB) for over 30 years until his untimely death in January 2006. Beyond his work in the field of research, he was an educator who encouraged and guided many of his students to pursue careers in the transportation field in general and aviation field in particular.

Dr. Gellman is Professor at the Transportation Center and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  He also served as the Director of the Northwestern Transportation Center from 1992 to 2000.  Prior to joining Northwestern, he had over twenty years of experience in consulting, much of it for air carriers, airports, financial institutes and the U.S. government and was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania for twenty-four years, offering graduate courses in transportation and in the management and utilization of technology.

Dr. Gellman is a member of the FAA Research, Engineering, and Development Subcommittee on Air Traffic Services, the American Economic Association, and the Transportation Research Forum (which he co-founded).  Since 2003, Dr. Gellman has served on the Advisory Board of the Panama Canal Authority.