Transportation Deregulation Retrospective

Transportation Deregulation and Safety:
A Retrospective and Reflection after 25 Years

Thursday, May 3, 2012
11am - 5pm

In the mid 1980s there was public concern that the economic deregulation of transportation in the late 1970s had led to a degradation of safety.  In 1987, Northwestern University’s Transportation Center held a landmark conference on the subject.  Now, 25 years later it is time to reflect on:

  • were the concerns of the mid 1980s justified?
  • what public policy changes arose from the debate, and were these changes justified or effective?
  • were there other issues that did not become apparent until much later?
  • to what extent are contemporary safety issues still tied up with the deregulation debate?
  • what was the effect of economic deregulation in the long-run safety trends?

Join four speakers who were part of the 1987 conference:

Thomas M. Corsi (University of Maryland)
Paul Jovanis (Pennsylvania State University)
Clinton V. Oster. Jr. (Indiana University)
Ian Savage (Northwestern University)

Biographies of Speakers (PDF)

This symposium was jointly organized and sponsored with the NU Transportation Center Seminar Series, Sandhouse Gang, and Icarus Society, and the Chicago Chapter of the Transportation Research Forum.

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