Roberto Sarmiento Honored by the Special Libraries Association

July 2009

During the 100th annual meeting of the Special Libraries Association, the Transportation Division presented Transportation Library Head Roberto Sarmiento with the 2009 Professional Achievement Award.

Since 1982, the Transportation Division's Professional Achievement Award has recognized outstanding contributions and service to the transportation division. In a letter to University Librarian Sarah Pritchard, SLA Transportation Division Chair Rita Evans recognized Roberto's distinguished service and significant contributions to transportation libraries and librarianship worldwide.

"As director of NUTL, Roberto has maintained the library’s stature as the premier transportation library in the world. His dedication to the highest standards of operations and services has served as a model for transportation libraries everywhere. In particular, his commitment to collaboration and cooperation, and efforts to make transportation information accessible to researchers and practitioners everywhere, have benefited countless members of the transportation community.

We also recognized his special contributions to the development of the growing transportation knowledge networks in the United States. Roberto co-authored the Transportation Research Board’s Special Report 284 – Transportation Knowledge Networks: A Management Strategy for the 21st Century, and followed up that effort by spearheading the founding of the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network. He has continued to champion the cause of access and networking on the national and international level.

Roberto’s contributions to the Special Libraries Association have been recognized by the membership who have elected him to the association’s Board of Directors. The Transportation Division has been most fortunate in having had his guiding hand in the past as a chair of the division. We currently are benefiting from his long years of experience as he chairs our Strategic Planning Committee.

He also has contributed as the chair and a member of the TRB Information Services Committee (B0002) and a member of TRB Committee on Library and Information Science for Transportation (ABG40), and as an active speaker and author of articles and bibliographies on the subject of transportation information.

Roberto has sought out opportunities to be a mentor and a positive influence to his colleagues. As the director of another large academic transportation library, I have benefited greatly, both professionally and personally, from his knowledge, generosity and commitment to delivering excellent service to our users.

Roberto is an exemplary librarian and colleague, and it seems particularly fitting that he would have received this award during the centennial of the Special Libraries Association, when we celebrate our past and look forward to an exciting future. Roberto is an integral part of that past and future. I am delighted that the division has recognized him for his outstanding contributions."

---Rita Evans
Chair, Transportation Division, Special Libraries Association
Director, Institute of Transportation Studies Library