Prof. Aaron Gellman appointed to the Eno Transportation Foundation's Board of Advisors

June 2009

Dr. Aaron Gellman has been appointed to the Eno Transportation Foundation's Board of Advisors for a three year term. The invitation to join the Board of Advisors was extended by Eno President, Stephen Van Beek, on behalf of the Eno Foundation's Board of Directors in recognition of the important role Dr. Gellman has played in the transportation industry and the constructive advice he has provided to the Eno Foundation in the past.

The Board of Advisors provides advice to Eno's Board of Directors and staff on policy and professional development issues and is invited to participate in many of its forums and meetings with the transportation industry. The main event each year for the Board of Advisors is the joint meeting and policy forum with the Eno Board of Directors.

The mission is the Eno Transportation Foundation is the improvement of the transportation systems and its public and private leadership. The Foundation focuses on all modes of transportation, cultivating creative and visionary leadership for each sector. They pursue their mission by supporting activities in three areas: professional development programs, policy forums, and publications. The Foundation often works in partnership with government agencies, and professional and other private organizations.

Eno President, Stephen Van Beek, is a member of the Transportation Center's Business Advisory Committee.