Pablo Durango-Cohen wins Best Paper Award at World Conference for Transport Research

June 2007

Transportation Center-affiliated professor Pablo Durango-Cohen received one of two best paper awards at the 11th World Conference on Transport Research, in Berkeley, Calif., held June 24-28, 2007.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering professor in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences presented his paper with his student, Pattharin Sarutipand. Their paper, “An Estimation-Optimization Approach to the Management of Transportation Infrastructure Systems under Model Uncertainty,” was one of more than 650 at the conference.

The paper presents a significant advancement in tools for allocating resources for maintenance and repair of transportation infrastructure. While previous models required infrastructure facilities to be identical, Durango-Cohen and Sarutipand’s new model allows for differences among facilities. Their work greatly adds to the realism and utility of existing resource allocation tools.

The World Conference on Transport Research, held every three years, unites transportation experts—academics and industry members alike—from around the world to present papers, lead sessions and participate in dialogues. It is arguably the most prestigious academic conference in transportation.