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Fund Honors Diana Marek

February 2018   The Diana Marek Student Experience Fund will commemorate Marek's service to NUTC by supporting undergraduate and graduate transportation students in education and research.

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Compass News: December 2017

December 2017   Newsletter: Diana Marek Retires After 40+ Years with NUTC; Diana Marek Student Experience Fund; PhD Candidate Michael Hyland Awarded Eisenhower Fellowship; NUTC at TRB Annual Meeting; TRB Reception / NUTC Alumni Reunion; McCormick Tech Expo; TC Fall 2017 Seminar & Sandhouse Recap

IN MEMORIAM: Donald P. Jacobs [1927-2017]

October 2017   Donald P. Jacobs, dean of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management from 1975 until 2001 and professor of finance since 1957, died October 30, surrounded by his children. He was 90.

BAC MEMBER: John Larkin (Stifel) on Trucking/Tech

October 2017   “It occurred to me, while listening to all the experts … that it appears as though the transportation industry is endeavoring to catch up to other industries that generally have been earlier adopters of technology.” (full story on FleetOwner)

Transportation News

BOOK: The Sentient Enterprise by Ratzesberger & Sawhney

September 2017   Teradata’s Oliver Ratzesberger (BAC Member) and NUTC Professor Mohanbir Sawhney co-authored: "The Sentient Enterprise: A Revolutionary Approach to Agile Decision Making." (full article on

OP-ED: Hani Mahmassani on Hurricane Evacuation Traffic

September 2017   "Traffic jams during hurricane evacuations are entirely preventable" - NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani (full article on Quartz)

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Reuters: London Strips Uber of License

September 2017   London Strips Uber of License

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Compass News: September 2017

September 2017   Newsletter: OP-ED: Traffic jams during hurricane evacuations are entirely preventable [Quartz]; Technical Workshop: Making the Customer Happy; Lecture: Outlook for the US Economy: Is this as good as it gets?; Call for Papers: Transportation System Analysis for Better Policy-Making

Mahmassani Explains How Trucking is Being Remade in Chicago

August 2017   Speaking to Crain's Chicago Business, Hani Mahmassani argues that the presence of analytics companies places Chicago at the forefront of changes in the industry.

Transportation News

Compass News: August 2017

August 2017   Newsletter: NUTC Faculty & Teradata Representative Co-Author Book, Host Exclusive Think Tank; Evaluation and Summary Reports for Chicago Testbed; Call for papers for Transportation System Analysis for Better Policy-Making

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FHWA-JPO-16-388: ATDM-DMA AMS Testbed Project

July 2017   Download the Evaluation Summary for Chicago Testbed

FHWA-JPO-16-387: ATDM-DMA AMS Testbed Project

July 2017   Download the Evaluation Report for Chicago Testbed

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Compass News: July 2017

July 2017   Newsletter: Thank you: ISTTT22 Attendees; ISTTT22: Pre-Conference Workshop Summary; NUTC & ISTTT22 at TSL Conference; Evaluation and Summary Reports for Chicago Testbed; Call for Papers: Transportation System Analysis for Better Policy-Making

Mahmassani Discusses Elon Musk's Desire to Bring High-Speed Transit to Chicago

June 2017   In Crain's Chicago Business, NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani explains that current transportation options to O'Hare Airport are not sustainable.

Transportation News
Transportation News

Compass News: June 2017

June 2017   NUTC hosts ISTTT22 in July; Diana Marek Celebrates 40th Anniversary; Nigeria: Prof. Richard Joseph talks African infrastructure & governance; Poland: NUTC researchers attend ROVER conference in Warsaw; Spring 2017 Executive Program a Success; Congrats 2017 T&L Minor Graduates

Union Pacific CEO Discusses the Importance of Trade

May 2017   Lance Fritz discussed the secrets behind Union Pacific’s enduring success as well as the importance of global trade during the 36th annual William A. Patterson Transportation Lecture.

Transportation News

Compass News: May 2017

May 2017   TRF Awards NUTC Students; Union Pacific CEO Discusses the Importance of Trade; Experts Discuss Public-Private Partnerships During Industry Workshop

NUTC Director Discusses United Airlines Controversies in The Washington Post

April 2017   Hani Mahmassani explains that despite the airline's recent incident with David Dao, overbooking flights still benefits passengers.

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Compass News: April 2017

April 2017   Red Light Camera Report: Safety Matters; UCLA Honors Professor Joe Schofer; Spring 2017 Industry Workshop; 36th Annual Patterson Lecture

RLC REPORT: Red Light Cameras to Come Down, Go Up Across Chicago

March 2017   View NBC Coverage of the Red Light Camera Report

Chicago's Red-Light Camera Program Has Significant Safety Benefits

March 2017   A Northwestern University Transportation Center study led by Professor Hani Mahmassani has found that camera enforcement correlates with an overall decrease in injury-producing crashes.

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Compass News: February 2017

February 2017   36th Annual Patterson Lecturer: Lance Fritz, Union Pacific; Data. Changes. Everything. Making Mobility Great Again!; NUTC Faculty & Alum to Co-Host 58th Annual TRF Meeting in Chicago; Navigating the Growing Challenges from the First Mile to the Last Mile in Transportation; NUTC to Host 22nd International Symposium on Transportation & Traffic Theory (ISTTT22)

Joseph Schofer Receives S.S. Steinberg Award

January 2017   The American Road and Transportation Builders Association gives the award to honor remarkable contributions to transportation education.

Norman Carlson Elected Chairman of Metra Board

October 2016   Carlson, a member of the Sandhouse Group and NUTC Business Advisory Council, was unanimously elected by the Metra Board of Directors.

Lipinski Discusses Driverless Cars in ChicagoInno

September 2016   ChicagoInno spoke with alumnus and Congressman Dan Lipinski to find out what he’s learned about driverless cars and the government’s role in safely deploying the technology.

Transportation News

NUTC & CMAP #2050BigIdeas Forum: Have we reached peak driving?

September 2016   Planning for future travel in the Chicago region

Panel Discussion Looks at Factors that Have Impacted 'Peak Driving'

September 2016   Featured on WGN, NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani took part in a panel discussion about a new report from the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning that shows trends in vehicle ownership and miles traveled have stalled after years of growth.

Robert Sarmiento Named 2018 SLA President

September 2016   Sarmiento, head of the Transportation Library and acting director of the Distinctive Collections Workgroup at Northwestern, was elected by SLA members to serve as the association’s president in 2018.

Mahmassani Participates in Panel Discussion on Driverless Cars

September 2016   Showcased in Evanston Now, NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani shared expertise on the factors impacting the future of driving during an event sponsored by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

Trespassing Has Become Top Railroad Safety Issue

September 2016   Trespassing numbers have remained steady over the years and now account for about 72 percent of all railroad-related deaths, with 761 fatalities in 2015, including 296 suicides.

Mahmassani Named to 2016 Class of National Associates by National Research Council

July 2016   Hani Mahmassani, professor of civil and environmental engineering and the William A. Patterson Chair in Transportation, has been named a National Associate by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s National Research Council.

Sandhouse Rail Group Tackles South Shore and Metra Operations

June 2016   Highlights from The Sandhouse Rail Group's more recent meeting were featured in a blog on the website Trains.

Experts Discuss the Future of Infrastructure

May 2016   Titled Mobility 2050: A Vision for Transportation Infrastructure and How We Can Get There, Northwestern unveiled the findings of a comprehensive infrastructure study at symposium with the AEM.

Transportation News

Ian Savage and undergrad Caroline Miller win Best Paper

May 2016   Ian Savage won the Transportation Research Forum’s prize for Best Paper with Northwestern undergraduate Caroline Miller (WCAS, 2015) for "Does the income level of a neighborhood affect transit demand responsiveness?”

Transportation News

In Memoriam: Aaron J. Gellman

April 2016   The Transportation Center and the Northwestern University community will hold a Memorial Tribute on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 2:00 PM to honor the life of Dr. Aaron J. Gellman who passed away in January of this year at the age of 85.

Transportation News

COMPASS NEWS: August 2016

April 2016   compass news from august 2016

Understanding Inflight WiFi’s Poor Performance

February 2016   Professor Fabián Bustamante and his team developed an application to help them characterize inflight WiFi’s system challenges — and eventually to help improve it.

Transportation Scholar Aaron Gellman Dies at 85

January 2016   Aaron J. Gellman, a transportation scholar, aviation expert, and former director of the Northwestern University Transportation Center, died on January 11 at age 85.

Transportation News

More than 20 Faculty and Students presented papers and posters at the 2016 Transportation Research board Annual Meeting

January 2016   Take a look at the faculty and students who presented at the 2016 Transportation Research board Annual Meeting

Transportation News

2016 TRB Annual Meeting – Northwestern lecturers, presenters and moderators

January 2016   Download the scrollable NUTC participation list – with times and locations

Mahmassani Receives Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lectureship Award

January 2016   NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani gave the 2016 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture at the Transportation Research Board’s 2016 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on January 11.

Ian Savage Appointed to Transportation Research Board Special Committee

December 2015   NUTC faculty member Ian Savage and BAC member Craig Philip were appointed to a Transportation Research Board committee to study domestic transportation of petroleum, natural gas, and ethanol.

Smilowitz Elected Officer in the 2015 Transportation Science and Logistics Society

November 2015   Faculty affiliate Karen Smilowitz addresses members at the TSL Conference in Chicago.

Transportation News

Forecasting Urban Travel: Past, Present and Future

October 2015   Symposium and Book Release for Forecasting Urban Travel: Past, Present and Future by David Boyce and Huw Williams

NUTC Sponsors Amtrak Blue Ribbon Panel Meeting

October 2015   According to a new report from Amtrak, opening up train traffic in the Chicago Gateway will require better operating strategies and some new investments.

Gellman Discusses Flight Delays with CBS2 Chicago

July 2015   Former NUTC Director Aaron Gellman explained the role of computers in reliable airline operations.

Mahmassani Delivers Keynote Address at ICPLT

July 2015   NUTC Director Hani Mahmassani delivered a keynote address at the 2nd Interdisciplinary Conference on Production, Logistics and Traffic in Dortmund, Germany.

Lipinski Symposium Underscores Need for Infrastructure Improvements

June 2015   The Transportation Center hosted federal and state dignitaries, business leaders, and academics for the 2015 William O. Lipinski Symposium on Transportation Policy and Strategy.

Gellman Receives Wilbur S. Smith Award

June 2015   Gellman, former director of the Northwestern University Transportation Center, received the award from Eno Center For Transportation.

Transportation News

NUTC Executive Education Series Tackles Freight Transportation and Logistics

June 2015   The Transportation Center held a three-day executive education program entitled Freight Transportation and Logistics: Securing Capacity in a Dynamic Industry.

Smilowitz Receives Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence Award

May 2015   Faculty affiliate Karen Smilowitz was recognized for demonstrating outstanding dedication to undergraduate education at Northwestern University.

Transportation News

Current and Former NUTC Students Inspire Next Generation

March 2015   On March 7, current NUTC PhD candidate Charlotte Frei and alumna Kelsey Watterworth joined the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana for STEMapalooza, an all-day hands-on activities fair designed to get girls interested in STEM courses and careers.

Transportation News

Research on the Role of Gas Prices on Transportation Choice Featured in the RedEye

January 2015   The Chicago Tribune's RedEye highlighted research from a 2013 study co-authored by Professor Ian Savage, which found that residents increasingly take public transit instead of driving when gas prices are more than $3.00 per gallon.

Transportation News
Transportation News

NUTC Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Reception and Alumni Reunion

January 2015   The annual NUTC TRB Reception and Alumni Reunion was held on Sunday, January 11.

Transportation News
Transportation News

Transportation Center's 60th Anniversary Transportation Summit was featured in FleetOwner magazine

January 2015   FleetOwner magazine covers NUTC 60th Anniversary.

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