Business Advisory Committee - Fall 2005 Meeting

Tuesday, November 1, 2005



3:00 pm

Panel: Airlines: Status & Prospects

To address the current airline and aviation crisis, Aaron Gellman will chair a panel of experts who approach current industry financial and service issues from different perspectives. 

Chair: Aaron Gellman, Professor of Transportation, Management & Strategy, and Industrial Engineering, Northwestern University

Vicky Bretthauer, Aviation Consultants, DLS Associates
Robert J. Gordon
, Stanley G. Harris Professor in the Social Sciences; Economics Dept, Northwestern University
James H. Burnley IV
, Partner, Venable LLP
Regg Jones
, Managing Partner, Greenbriar Equity Group

7:30 pm

Presentation: "Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emission: Twin Challenges for Transportation"

Our featured speaker will be George C. Eads, vice president and board member of Charles River Associates, recently renamed CRA International. George earned his PhD at Yale with a landmark dissertation on aviation industry economics. Many BAC members will remember George as a member of the Council of Economics Advisors in the Carter Administration and as Vice President and Chief Economist for General Motors in the 1980s. His work at CRA has focused on energy policy, and he was lead author for an important report titled Mobility 2030: Meeting the Challenges to Sustainability for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development - an industry consortium including BP-Amoco, Shell, GM, Ford, and Volkswagen, among other firms.

National energy policy and related environmental futures is one of the most controversial areas facing transportation providers and consumers. George will help us understand issues ranging from impact of Katrina on the economy to the impact of global climate change policy on long term choices for fueling electric power generation - coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and other alternatives.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005



7:30 AM

Call to Order - BAC Chair Carl Curry presiding

8:00 AM

Transportation Center Report - Status and Activities

Robert E. Gallamore, Director, The Transportation Center, Professor of Managment and Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Joseph Schofer
, Assistant Dean, McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science; Research Director, The Transportation Center 

8:45 AM

Panel: The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Transportation in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Region

Chair: Robert Gallamore


Prof. Charles Dowding, McCormick School of Engineering
Geography of the Mississippi delta and flood control infrastructure and failures.
Presentation: Part 1 (PDF)Part 2 (PDF)Part 3 (PDF)

Stephen Krill, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
A View from FEMA Control

Steven Jacobs, Vice President, Operations, Colonial Pipeline Company
Presentation (PDF)

Craig Philip, President, Ingram Barge
Inland Waterways & Ports
Presentation (PDF)

Bob Meyers, Vice President, Arkansas Best Corporation
LTL Trucking

Les Passa, Vice President, Strategic Planning, CSX Corporation
Presentation (PDF)

Richard Calhoun, Vice President, NA Grain & Oilseed, Cargill, Inc. 

10:45 AM

Panel: The Future of Transportation and Emergency Response Infrastructure Post New Orleans

Chair: Prof. Joseph Schofer

Prof. Sunil Chopra, Kellogg School of Management
Supply-chain disruptions and ways to manage and moderate them

Prof. Donald Haider, Kellogg School of Management
Government organization and response

Prof. Therese McGuire, Kellogg School of Management
Options for financing reconstruction

Prof. Henry Binford, History Department
Historical and social perspectives

11:45 AM

Presentation Recaps

Summary of Speaker Presentations (PDF)

12:00 PM

Program Summary: The Battle of New Orleans 2005: Lessons from the Transportation Industry

Prof. Joseph Schofer

12:15 PM

Closing Remarks

12:30 PM

Adjournment followed by a buffet lunch with a representative group of Northwestern transportation students.