Synergistic Centers

NUTC’s effective role in educating the Northwestern University community and promoting awareness of transportation-related research needs and opportunities has led to a breadth and depth of activity in transportation-relevant subjects that is unmatched on any university campus. Examples of ongoing research programs and centers with synergistic activities with the Transportation Center are listed below.

Center for the Commercialization of Innovative Transportation Technology (CCITT)

CCITT is a USDOT-funded center conducting innovation gap research that brings applied transportation research to the point of implementation. The NU Transportation Center has held administrative responsibility for CCITT since July of 2009.

Infrastructure Technology Institute (ITI)

ITI is a USDOT-funded center focusing on the development of structural materials for transportation infrastructure and innovative techniques for non-invasive testing.

Initiative for Sustainability and Energy (ISEN)

ISEN is an umbrella organization at Northwestern University designed to create, advance, and communicate new science, technology, and policy for sustainability and energy. Its particular focus is on sustainable energy supply, demand, and use. Its goal is to integrate the University's efforts in energy, sustainability, and outreach. Argonne National Laboratory is ISEN's primary research partner.

The Transportation Library

The Transportation Library is the nation's largest collection of specialty transportation publications, staffed by expert reference librarians.

Northwestern Institute for Complex Systems (NICO)

NICO is an institution that brings together scholars from across the university to study the complex, emergent behavior of systems of interdependent actors.

Institute for Sustainable Practices

This partnership between Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern will facilitate joint research and educational initiatives to achieve sustainability in human and ecological systems. The institute's scope encompasses energy and other natural resources, and its work will include development of tools for assessing and monitoring sustainability.

Center for Energy Efficient Transportation

The Center for Energy Efficient Transportation engages in fundamental research in the physical sciences aimed at enabling the development of energy-efficient vehicles.

Center for Operations & Supply Chain Management (COSCM)

Based in the Kellogg School of Management, COSCM studies operational research questions in supply chains and other business contexts. It offers executive education and other programs that consistently rank among the nation's best.

These programs and centers provide enhanced opportunities for students and faculty to learn about and engage in a wide range of subjects affecting the complex and diverse transportation industry. The activities they generate are open to the campus community, and generally to the transportation community beyond Northwestern, contributing to a rich intellectual and professional experience in virtually all aspects of transportation systems research and education.