About NUTC

Northwestern University Transportation Center (NUTC) is a leading interdisciplinary education and research institution serving industry, government, and the public. NUTC was founded in 1954 to make substantive and enduring contributions to the movement of materials, people, energy, and information. In so doing, NUTC aims to influence national and international transportation policy, management, operations, and technological developments.

In pursuit of this mission, NUTC relies on an interdisciplinary approach to transportation and logistics education and research. NUTC’s strength lies in the quality and productivity of its faculty affiliates, its focus on both scholarly and applied research, and an awareness of and responsiveness to the continual changes impacting the transportation and logistics industry. Through its comprehensive research agenda, short courses in executive education, and array of outreach activities, NUTC stands at the forefront of transportation and logistics research and education. In order to develop and share improved understanding of the economics and science of transportation and logistics systems, NUTC brings together academic researchersstudentsbusiness affiliates, and others in open exploration of the ways to make transportation and supply chain operations more productive, efficient, safe, secure, environmentally friendly, and socially beneficial.

Description of the Transportation Center as narrated by Director Hani Mahmassani: